SSDD. A ’Groundhog day’ of sorts.

    01 Dec 2009 2:13 PM | Mandie Crawford (Administrator)
    When I was ‘driving’ the beat in my policing career, on a regular shift I might work with up to twenty-five other ‘guys’ and have the opportunity to take a call with up to half of them. After the call, we might sit side by side in our cruisers to write up notes or a report.

    Inevitably, we would participate in ‘small talk’ and the question would be asked “so, what’s new with you?” A common response was “SSDD”. For those who don’t know what that means, it is “Same stuff, different day”.It may not be that our lives were that mundane, but it was a standard part of our small talk.

    Unfortunately though, in many people’s lives they experience ‘same stuff, different day’ on a regular basis. They have the same problems that resurface over and over, they have the same bills and experience the same stress over getting them paid. They face the same issues on a regular basis with their relationships at home and at work.

    If you have seen Bill Murray’s movie “Groundhog Day”, it is much the same repetitive process. For many people, this is life. At some point in time, we abdicate responsibility for the things that happen ‘to’ us and blame everything from the economy to the weather for the things we experience in our lives.

    As a police officer, we were in one of two states; reactive or proactive. Reactive was the result of an event happening that required immediate action. Proactive was to try to prevent the event we reacted to after the event occurred. Ticketing a driver was proactive. Responding to a motor vehicle accident was reactive. (Interestingly enough, not many people liked the police when they were proactive, but when we were reactive – they were glad we were there.)

    We have the opportunity to live our lives in much the same way. We can spend years reacting to life with the same responses, the same attitudes and the same behaviours. Or, if we do not like the outcome of our responses we can change our responses to achieve a different outcome.

    Unfortunately, most people look at the outcome that they achieve and instead of changing their reactions, they complain and blame outside factors for how things turn out. By the time many of us are in our early twenties, we are solidly ensconced in the ‘blame game\' and have just accepted that things will be “SSDD”.

    If we want things to change in our lives, there is only one thing that can change. Us. We may not be able to control the events that occur, or the people around us, but we can change our reactions which will have an effect on the outcome. And we can also go one step further. Instead of waiting for events to happen in our lives, we can become proactive. But that my friend, takes work.

    We have heard over the past several years, gurus on the ‘Law of attraction’ speak about how we can call things into being. We have been told thoughts create things. But most people never experience this creative process, simple because it takes work.
    What kind of work? It means that we must read inspiring and educational works and invest in our knowledge. It means we need to attend conferences, and hear speakers who have great information to give us. It means we must renew, and practice the new things we learn as we learn them. It means we must constantly grow.

    We must do all these things instead of sitting in front of the television set or wandering the mall. Recently I was doing a ‘job’ that I really did not like. (Printing, collating, stuffing, labeling and stamping over 14,000 pieces of paper into 850 packages. Business had been slow and I had taken on the job to make some extra money. As I was stuffing the envelopes (it took 16 hours), I was thinking about my life. How I would have rather been coaching or speaking at an event!

    Then I realized – there was only one person who could change my circumstances, and that was me. I did not know at that exact minute how to make the changes and I was sure that somehow I needed more tools. Because at this point I had done all I could think of to attract speaking engagements.

    Less than 2 months later, after attending a conference and filling my mental tool box with more tools to help me in my career and life, I tried something different.

    I sat down one Tuesday afternoon to meditate. During the meditation, after the period of relaxation and ‘letting go’ I focused my thoughts on speaking as a keynote. I saw, tasted, felt, heard all that was going on at this event. I had already done the physical work – marketing myself as a speaker. That 20 minutes of meditation had a profound effect on what would happen next.

    After the meditation, I told my husband that I was going to get two speaking engagements by the end of the week. He asked me some questions to help me qualify and quantify the results. On Thursday afternoon, I got a call from my publicist to let me know she had a speaking inquiry come in for me. By the end of the day, we had negotiated an agreement. This took less than 2 days to materialize! How did all this happen?

    I decided that I had to create my own life instead of waiting for it to ‘happen’ to me. I became invested in my future, in thought and action. Now I did not get the exact remuneration that I wanted – and I only received one speaking engagement by the end of the week – but the fact was – I had attracted the event into my life. If this was truly possible – then I could change anything about my life.
    Just like proactive policing produces a safer and more pleasant environment to live in, being proactive in our own lives does the same. If you are looking for different results then you have to do something different!

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